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Along the last 30 years I have been using my sensitivity to help people heal from traumas, pains, relationship conflicts and also to find their force and talents.

While in a high stage of consciousness, I am able to channel  stories, as Past Life Experiences. These beautiful tales are believed by some to be actual past lives experienced by one’s spirit. However, there is a psychological approach to the interpretation of the stories which relates them to the present life stories of the clients, helping them identify traumas, emotional blockages and operante conditioning that are affecting their personal well being. In addition, the characters in the story can represent talents and skills they have that are yet to be developed or discovered.

In order to improve treatments, I offer the Channel Lab where you can learn how to clean your body from somebody else vibration, realign your energy, and also how to use yourself healing power.

Channel Lab

Channel Lab

Group session based on “Psicotranse” created by Dr. Eliezer Mendes, is a mix of Active Meditation and Guided Imagination.

The goal is to have a secure, assisted, and comfy space to open yourself for feeling, emotions, and catarse.


Coming from Italian imigrantes in Brazil my first contact with my sensitivity was in a Presbyterian Church where my family was member until I was 14 years old.   The conductor of this Church was teologista, psychologist, with Studies of Hipnose and Parapsychology.  So this influence kept my mint open to accept the medium  phenomenon in a different way, as something more about channeling energy and not death beings or spirits.

My Master degree was in Education and The Cognition development . My final was about the Waldorf School based in Rudolf Steiner who has strong influence in my knowledge too.  But the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung was always my passion and my guidance.

When I was 26 years old I meet Dr. Eliezer Mendes, physician and psychiatrist, who develop a Technic to use mediums to channel mental health patients  and teach them how to use Active Meditation to help dealing with emotions, sensations, anxiety, panic, and also, what was his specialty, epilepsy scissors.
I worked in his Psychiatric hospital as sensitive nurse along 15 years.

In California, I have being offering private sessions as Channel, specially for those who have mental health challenges. Also teaching how to deal with sensitivity on the Channel Lab classes.  at Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown/CA (1998-99) and at Circlecenter, Fairfax/CA (2006-2012)



“Nelise channeled a story in a different scenario, but extremely similar with my childhood scenes and plot. It was very helpful in understand the sources of my blocks and release myself from fears and guilt. It was impressive.” AC, Netherlands


Nelise Carbonare

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